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    Mary Seraphinni |Business Owner | Agent | Psychologist| Founder of American Brazilian Employment Agency a Staffing Placement Service that has been catering for the finest families in the tri-state area & Nationwide for over 20 years.
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  • We recognize the ever increasing complexity of our clientele individual needs. We provides skilled prospects applicants, , expert counsel, and we offer unparalleled services and sensible solutions to countless issues the modern family’s faces while identifying, securing and employing their household staff. We have a vast network of qualified candidates available, so you never have to settle for a second best… and that is a personal guarantee.

    Access our large database of experienced Household staff! A.B.L.E

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    A.B.L.E Brazilian Employment Agency Inc., is a Leading household Staffing Service for a reason – our talent to match skilled employee with prospect employer is unparalleled. We make placements across the U.S.,and can locate the right employee in the area you want to be or where you currently live.  As a full service Domestic Staffing service A.B.L.E offers flexible employment in a variety of skill and options, including full time, part time, live-in / live-out as well as seasonal and permanent opportunities. Additionally, we offer a contract position – which has a specific end date, as well as contract- to-hire position which has the potential to become permanent after the contract period is complete.

    Our service gives applicants and employers a unique experience; instead of a traditional job search you get VIP treatment. Choosing to begin your job search or domestic employee hunt with our company will be a worry free experience. We do the legwork so you don't have to, and we act as a liaison between our clients and prospective applicants.  We present our candidates with immediate access to positions with multiple families and our clients with top notch, thoroughly screened high caliber prospective candidates.

     Our candidates gets the opportunity to work with a professional recruiter who can  identify their strengths, skills and offer expert advice on how to apply their work experience effectively in order to maximize their skills and qualifications and we will share important details about a position and provide interviews tips to both employers and employees so they can fully benefit from our expertise.

    Our clients will have the peace of mind of knowing that A. B.L.E Inc, will work diligently to find the best possible candidate for the position they have open.

    By working with our company, candidates build their network of connections and employers increase the number and variety of available candidates they can interview with the added benefit of working with a recruiter that specializes in your industry to easily identify available positions and prospect talents who have the skills, personality and career goals to match. A.B.L.E will guide you through the hiring process, from interview to placement.


    Over 20 years representing high caliber:


      • Executive Housekeepers
      • Gourmet cooks
      • Babysitters
      • Amazing Nannies / Governess
      • Domestic Couples
      • Personal Chauffers
      • Personal Assistants
      • Mother’s Helpers
      • New born specialists
      • Personal chefs
      • Estate managers
      • Expert laundresses 
      • Houseman / Property Caretakers
      • Outstanding chefs
      • Personal Valet Butlers and more   
    Able Inc.,

    President August 1992 ` Present

    As the president of A.B.L.E. Inc., a leading employment agency in the tri-state area, I strive to meet the professional needs of my clientele in the Household Domestic Staffing Industry for over 20 years. Of my many accomplishments, I am most proud of forming A.B.L.E Inc.,

    Through this full service Domestic Employment Staffing Agency service, we are a leader among our peers and have placed thousands of domestic help personnel in rewarding positions, by utilizing effective management practices, purposeful training for employees and placement of qualified domestic personnel.

    I have developed an extensive database of high caliber applicants and a distinguished clientele list including but not limited to, Mr. Maurice R. "Hank" GREENBERG - CEO of AIG (owner of American International Company, Donald Toresco of Toresco Enterprise/Autoland, Lynn Tilton is a standout in the helicopter industry CEO of MD Helicopters Inc., and some of the finest family in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania: Dr. Georgette Bennet, Gerald Phillips, Lawrence & Lora Fink, Alfred Tenuto, Theresa Salameno, Jamie Field. Mrs. Susan Glatt, Mrs. Patty Rico O'Conner, and several high profile clients such as Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Chris Rock, Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley & Harry Helmsley, to name a few.

    Under my leadership, A.B.L.E Inc., has become a highly respected household name in the try state area.

    Hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership, and a Doctor degree in Psychology from F.M.U University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Client Testimonial

    See what our clients has to say about our service.. Real Reviews,  Real clients, Real people! to see more client testimonials go here.

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    Angie's List Business Center - Company Information - Reviews
    Client - Raymond Barton
    Fowler Lane
    Mount Sinai, NY 11766
    Services Performed: Yes
    * Work Completed Date: September 30, 2014
    Hire Again: Yes
    Description Of Service: 
    A.B.L.E., Inc. found us the perfect housekeeper/nanny to work for us full time on a live-out basis. 
    Client Comments: 
    Let me start by saying that I have filled out the website form or left messages for about a dozen housekeeping placement agencies in our area over a two week period and A.B.L.E was the only one that called us back. Not only that but we got a call right away. The owner of A.B.L.E., Inc., Mary Seraphinni, in my opinion is most likely the best in the business. My job has me dealing with many CEO's and she definitely shines through as a total professional, who works tirelessly to get the job done. We were blown away by how fast and how well she operated. I filled out a web form on A.B.L.E.'s website at about 7pm on a Thursday. Mary called me the very next morning on Friday, and we spoke for about 5 minutes. You could tell she knew exactly what to ask and that she really knows her business. Within an hour I had my first recommendation with a second recommendation to follow an hour later. By the end of the day I had two interviews set up for that Sunday, just two days later! We received emails with photos of the applicants, work history, and personalized descriptions of their past employers and credentials/skills showing us that she had these applicants in her database and they were already well vetted.
    I spoke to Mary several times as she worked through Saturday to set up the details of the interviews, confirm, and assure they found us ok, and my wife and I interviewed them both on Sunday. I spoke to Mary on Sunday to follow up about the interviews and she forwarded a third applicant AND set up an interview for the very next day with applicant number three! It seemed that she worked 24 X 7 to find us what we were looking for. All of the women referred to us were exact, spot on, perfect fits for what we were looking for, and honestly, we didn't want to interview anyone else because we were so torn between the ones we already spoke to! We would hire all three if we could. After a day of thinking it over we made a conditional offer for a "test run" to one of the women referred and we could not be happier. Mary got it right for sure. She is worth every penny she charges.
    If you are looking for an agency that is just a database of faceless names collected from craigslist then A.B.L.E. is not for you. With A.B.L.E, we received extremely specialized, personal attention at an incredible speed. I have seen a few negative reviews by non-members on here and perhaps that is due to Mary's no-nonsense, get down to business, persistent attitude that some people are just not prepared for, but I will tell you that I was so impressed that I was inspired to take time from my busy day to log on and write this review, which is something I usually do not do. In this case I made time because people should know how good this service really is. My wife and I were dreading the often futile process of interviewing and posting ads, to find a good housekeeper and once I spoke to Mary Seraphinni of A.B.L.E., Inc. it seemed as though before I even realized it, we had our perfect housekeeper/nanny hired. What a relief! So, in closing I would say that I highly recommend A.B.L.E., Inc. to anyone who is looking for domestic help of any kind. If your experience is anything like ours was, you will be extremely happy you did.
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  • Application Instructions and Registration Process:

    We're always on the lookout for new Top Notch talents, if you have what it takes to pass our detailed true screening process, please sign up!

    A.B.L.E Brazilian Domestic Staffing places experienced domestic professionals with high profile families and in top jobs positions nationwide. If you have significant experience in a private home setting, you are welcome to register with us. We are extremely selective, and only the most qualified candidates will be chosen to secure full time, permanent employment with our exclusive clientele.

    Our focus is on management level and specialized domestic service within private Estate and home, including but not limited to:

    • Estate Managers

    • Butlers

    • House Managers

    • Chefs

    • Majordomos

    • Domestic Couples

    • Drivers

    • Executive Housekeepers (Management level) and more

    To apply you must be recommended to us, after an initial consultation we might invite to come to our office for a personal interview. You must first complete our on-line pre-registration form to continue the screening process with our agency.


    To see if you may qualify to be part of our database and be considered for the job vacancy we have open; please submit your resume with an e-mail cover letter detailing why you believe you might be a great prospective candidate for the jobs positions we have available. We will then review your information and contact you to let you know the next steps in the registration application process.

    Please know that you will be graded by the way you present yourself as a service professional throughout the registration and selecting process which will be critical for us to determine whether or not you are a potential candidate to be will represent by us. If you are not sure whether or not you may qualify to register with us, please call for brief telephone consultation of your background and work history. Additionally, ABLE offer insightful resources and knowledgeable input, tips and important job related articles to guide you through the screaming process for domestic and private service can be found here in our Blog.






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